The dream for Samadhi Sweets is to bring happiness,
health and joy into peoples lives.

Samadhi (saa-maa- dee) means ultimate bliss. We strive to experience this in our daily lives and we wish to share what we can with our community, country and world.

We are about including those who are often neglected when it comes to a tricky diet or specific allergies.
We want to be part of a healthier and happier planet. Our aim is to inspire not only your tastebuds but also your minds, we wish to offer an alternative to conventional foods, one that is full of nutrients, love, imagination and thoughtfulness.

We dream of having a farm one day where we can grow all of our own foods and teach others to grow and prepare food in a loving and nurturing environment.

So come and see us soon, take a bite and be a part of this journey 🙂